Weekly Market Outlook October 28, 2018

“Volatility is not the same thing as risk, and investors who think it is will cost themselves money.” – Warren Buffett

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland – Many gurus and analysts have no difficulty in explaining the recent sell-off. In general, the accrued interest is designated as the culprit; however, this approach is too simple. The US housing market is under pressure, which makes investors nervous. Additionally, the (hard) Brexit, the Italian budget problems and the falling oil price affect investors.

Nevertheless, the current situation can not be compared in any way with 2008 or 2000. In summary, bonds are in a bubble and shares are not. Despite the recent declines in other asset classes, gold still does not escape from its long-term bearish scenario. For investors in this asset class, this isn’t a good sign. History teaches us that the shifting competition between the various asset classes is of a temporary nature. Also, it is forgotten that this moment is an excellent opportunity for the highly liquid business sector to buy back their shares cheaply. We would not be surprised if the current bull market would last at least five years.

Therefore, the current correction can still be labeled as noise. “Buy the dip” is the scenario despite the hefty beating. As long as the bull market is intact, there is no reason to be nervous and adjust long-term investment scenarios.

The new trading week is once again full of quarterly figures.

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