Weekly Market Outlook October 7, 2018

“The economy looks very good.” – Jerome Powell

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland – As to be expected, sentiment (interest) played a significant role in the first trading week of the last quarter of 2018. Last Thursday the S&P 500 fell by 0.82%, which was the worst day in 99 calendar days. Measured over the previous week, the S&P 500 dropped one percent which is not so bad and at the same time feeds the hungry technical minds. Whether this minimal decline is the beginning of something bigger remains to be seen. Volatility has been gone for an extended period, and volatility may take some getting used to. Anyone who follows us for longer knows that we are not worried. The bears will return –that for sure– but if that is already the case, is the question.

There are two pillars further supporting the market. The first silent force is the attractive wage, which is good news, especially for the United States as a consumer society. A lesser-known silent force is the purchase of own shares. Companies have much cash and buy back their shares en masse. This creates the scarcity of shares as it were, which logically has an upward effect on this asset class.

Coming Monday promises to be a quiet day in connection with Columbus Day in the US. The agenda is limited filled. Particular attention will be paid to inflation, which remains well restrained. Additionally, the first business figures are approaching.

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