Our culture

“Ultimately, it is about the long-term positive impact we can achieve together with our clients.”

1324 is an asset management and office services company based in Pfäffikon SZ, Central Switzerland.

Together with our clients, we achieve the best tailor-made solution for their asset management needs and office services requirements. To serve our clients even better, we got engaged in an exclusive mobility program with BMW Switzerland, and UBER Black managed from Zurich. Additionally to our asset management and office services, we offer limousine rides in Switzerland, particularly to our clients based in the Cantons of Zurich, Schwyz, and Zug. Our clients can reach us 24|7; we want to be the reliable partner who is always available.

We speak English, German and Dutch and avoid vague financial terms, jargon and nonsensical words. We communicate transparent and direct and have an opinionated view on the financial markets and a broad range of related topics.

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The combination of asset management and office services is often summarised as being ‘a family office’ if operated for one family. When more than one family is served, it is called ‘a multi family office’. However, we not only focus at families, private persons, entrepreneurs, SME as well as institutions are clients, and we are pleased to work with a divers range of clients. Office Services, the general term, better suits our work.

1324 can be categorised as a multi “family” office, still, we have a strong qualification in asset management. Our investment specialisation in value investing is the main driver behind all our business operations.

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1324 by Thirteen Asset Management AG is an active member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) to execute independent asset management in Switzerland.